Welcome to Twirling Chickens Homestead’s locally grown

Twirling Chickens Homestead is a sustainable and portable farm located in Resaca, Ga currently producing eggs from our flock of chickens, heritage pork from our herd of American Guinea Hogs, and goat milk, meat, and cheese from our herd of registered Nubian and Oberhasli goats. To learn more about the farm and our development, please visit us at www.tchomestead.com

We are moving! The farm will close on a property in Gordon County, Ga this December and should be set up for all the expansion to start producing this coming spring 2016. We will be taking the rest of the year until spring off to move and re-establish the basic farm infrastructure needed.

Update May 2016: We are still adjusting to the move and it is looking like a rough year for the farm in many aspects. Our goal is pasture based, but at the moment, the infrastructure just isn’t there. We are focusing our efforts on winter structures with the cold weather being right around the corner and will use the free time now and during fall and winter to install our infrastructure. We can use the much needed downtime with the animals on deep litter to learn the lay of the land, plan our rotations, catch up on much needed repairs for the house and equipment and recover from the move. We look forward to what spring 2017 will offer the farm.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting this venture.
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